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Alexandros Alexandros

Born in Rethymnon of Crete in 1980, was keen on music at the age of 2 and he was 3 years old when he first played the lyre. From the age of 6, he started his musical studies at the Greek School of Music (in Rethymnon 's branch), as well as at the Municipal "Filarmoniki" and at the "Filomousos" School of Music, dabbling with different kinds of music and playing several musical instruments until the age of 18.


Graduate on Byzantine Music, composer and creator of lyrics himself, has written music for plays like "Hipsipolis and Grab of Europe", by the director and writer George Hatzidakis, as well as taken part in the movie "Wedding Party"- performing as the main lyre player of the wedding.


Possessor of the 1st prize on the Cretan Song Contest 2007, is coming to an end with the preparations for the recording of a CD with his own compositions mostly, titled “Doksaria and Scaroftera”. Besides, he is a possessor of the 3rd prize in the Cretan Lyrics' Contest, organized by the Philologists' Union of Chania in 2004, dealing with the subject: "Olympic Games- Olympic Ideal".


With a high performing ability and genuine Cretan appearance, he performed "Zeus" on the play "Grab of Europe" and took part in the movie "First Time Godfather".


Graduate on the Physics Department of the University of Athens, and post-graduate student on the "Environment's Physics and Meteorology" Department, he is teaching Physics in High Schools of Rethymnon, as well as traditional instruments in several cultural unions.


A free spirit person, with sensitivities, unifies Music with Physics Science in harmony.
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