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Ερωτόκριτος και Αρετούσα, Έργο Θεόφιλου. Μουσείο Θεόφιλου, Δήμου Μυτιλήνης
Erotokirios and Aretousa, A creation of Theofilos.
Theofilos Museum, Municipalty of Mytilini.

«Shame on the nation that hasn't understood yet, after five centuries’ course, that the poet of Erotokritos, is the major and immortal poet of the Greek nation! ...»
Kostas Palamas 1907

«It is the written language of Erotokritos, the most perfectly organized language that the medieval and latest Greek nation has ever heard, a language which with a strong character expresses the sensitivity of the people who spoke it.»
Giorgos Seferis

In the middle of the second millennium B.C., the Minoan civilization presents us a few images of music scenes, with lyres or flutes.


Since that time and until now, Cretan Music, full of tradition and esthetically recognized, is a big chapter of Greek Traditional Music. It's a unique means of expression of the free, un-slaved, anxious Cretan people. The lyrics which get disguised in it, are in perfect harmony each time and give out the variety of all our emotions. Sadness, happiness, anger, fear, love, loneliness, affection, pride, .you think they have no better way to be expressed.




That's why, nowadays, in those tough times we live in, lyrics and music need respect and absorbance in the tradition, that is for thousands of years produced in the Greek world and especially in Crete.

That's what I am trying to achieve in every music creation of mine.

Alexandros Aggelakis


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