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Companies, Unions, Businesses etc., which are - or have been - sponsors of Alexandros.
A short description is given, as well as the net-link for every sponsor.

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1   Link   ANEK Lines (Sea- Navigation Company) - Main Sponsor
ANEK LINES, the Anonymus Navigation Company of Crete, was and remains pioneer and ruling in the field of Navigation. It possesses the most modern passenger ships, which offer high level services in the national lines and in the lines which link Greece with Italy as well.
2   Link   E.E.F. (Greek Physicists Union)
E.E.F. is a scientific union, of non-profitable character, which represents the Greek Physicists, Physics and Communication Technologies and other fields related to them.
3   Link   Mich. I. Stagakis AEBE (cement products)
MICH. I. STAGAKIS is a productive4 and commercial company, which is activated in the field of construction products since 1997, with consistency and ambitions, which overcome the Greek standards. The facilities of the company are in Rethimno of Crete, in Atsipopulo, and cover an area of 150.000 m2.
4   Link   George K. Konstantoulakis (Colours- Tools)
The business "George Konstantoulakis" sells Tools, Colors, Vernishes, etc. and is on Stamathioudaki str., number 29, in Rethimno.
5   Link   Crete FM (Radio Station)
A radio station in Attiki. It broadcasts in FM 87,5 MHz, 24 hours a day. A music programme, full of Cretan Music and live shows of educational and entertaining context.
6   Link   "Ellaikon" (Rakadiko- Tsipouradiko)
A Rakadiko- Tsipouradiko, in "Eleftherias Square", in Goudi.
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