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Ο Αλέξανδρος Ο Αλέξανδρος

"You look like a star of the sky; you have the grace of sun
because you delicately hold the doksari of the lyre."

"When you move your doksari on the lyre,
you look like Apollo, Crete, Fire and Saltness'."

His godfather: Vaggelis Chlouverakis (Sitia)

"When I hear you sing, I feel no shame to say
that I truly get moved Alexander, and I cry.

Since you've been my godchild, I am very proud of you,
every time you get praised; I think I feel refreshed.

A lyre of astrophysics I am about to give you as a present,
to be an entertainer among people, in every baptism and wedding.

When you walk through my path, and you smile at me my lady,
there is a supernova explosion in my heart.

You're like an eagle in the sky, like a wild animal on the mountains,
like a hawk in the low levels of the air, you Alexander chaini."

Stavroulaki Nectaria: one of his lyre students
- Doksaria and Skaroftera became a song, and everybody wished you to be the winning song.
- Doksaria and Skaroftera, lyres and mandolins, became music in the depths of my heart.
- Notes, songs, music, skaroftera, doksaria are being played, so as the young men of Crete to have fun.
- You make parents, fathers  and friends proud, because they support you more than you can imagine.
- So, never stop in front of every difficulty, keep going, because behind every difficulty, you'll find happiness.


Small texts about Alexandres from our co-citizens:

Ο Αλέξανδρος Ο Αλέξανδρος

Leonidas Tzanioudakis, Head Director of Rethymnon EKFE.

" Alexandros has a bright future in the music field, because he knows and loves what he's doing,"

John Manousakis (Lakki, Chania)

"He strongly steps on the tradition of good Cretan music.... As for Alexandros as a person, it's well worth meeting him and his family."


Aimilia Andrioti

" He is a genuine Cretan figure. He doesn't hide behind walls, he doesn't try to show he is "someome". HE IS HIMSELF."

Manolis Kallergis, Doctor, Writer, Researcher:

"Because of the fact that God loves Crete, he sends -when it's needed- the right person or the right people, and arms them with enlightenment, inspiration and encouragement, so as to be able to carry Cretan tradition and creation on their shoulders. I think that Alexandros Aggelakis is that kind of person. That's why I trusted him a "family rizitiko song". Of the historical family of Kallergides, which hasn't been registered so far, in order to be a part of his digital record, being prepared these days."

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